Amazing Social Media Tools For Beginners & Intermediates

Amazing Social Media Tools For Beginners & Intermediates

Analytics is one of the key tools in any marketing strategy and an important part of social media marketing and there are no exceptions here. But quite the opposite, in digital marketing there is a wide range of platforms and the promotional options which require increased analysis and measurements and the other marketing activities. For the maximization of your campaign performance, you need the proper measurement of the efforts which you have been making in your business. As there is a saying that what isn’t measured can’t get improved. For this purpose here is a list of social media analytic tools as follows:

1-    Awario

Awario is a monitoring tool for social media by having some of the most powerful analytics. The tool is famous for analyzing the business to provide data related to the growth of the business, the business reach, locations, and the language. It also analyzes the people who have used the keywords.

2-    Snaplytics

Snaplytics basically provides the businesses the detailed performance data for the snapchat and for Instagram which takes insights over the growth in the followers. By using snaplytics, marketers can easily get to know the acquisition methods and there working. They also help in creating custom reports.

3-    Squarelovin

Squarelovin is an analytic tool which is specifically for Instagram. This tool specializes in tracking the likes and the followers on Instagram and reviews the post-performance by measuring the overall performance of the profiles and their engagement.

4-    Rival IQ

It analyzes the likes, comments and the posts from all the big social media platforms which mainly include twitter, facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. This platform is integrated with the google analytics which enables it to show the picture that how the customers reach a specific business.


5-    Union Metrics

The union metrics is an analytics tool which specializes in monitoring the Instagram, facebook, and twitter. It provides the marketers the complete insight into the performance of each of these platforms and tells the marketers regarding the busiest hours of these platforms. If you get right instagram and twitter followers from a good sellers, then you can easily check the engagement as well.

6-    Keyhole

A keyhole is a monitoring tool for social media which helps in doing the analyses of Instagram and Twitter. This app provides the marketers with a wide range of metrics and all the metrics provided by it are apparent in form of graphics. It shows the sentiments, hashtag trend, engagement data, and the reach statistics too.

7-    Hootsuite

It is one of the most famous management tools for social media and its analytics are famous for social media platforms. This tool proves to be helpful in getting the key metrics from Instagram, Facebook, and Tweeter which provides performance data, post insights, and all this data is presented in form of charts and graphs.

8-    Sprout Social

This is a social media management tool which provides helpful analytics to the marketers. This tool specializes in measuring the performance and engagement of social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram and helps in doing the comparison of the data got by different competitors.