How to get Instagram likes by running ads and buying Instagram likes

Instagram likes to show how popular you are on this biggest platform. There are a number of ways of getting followers on Instagram such as by using organic ways, running Instagram ads, and buying Instagram followers and likes from the best website. Here, we will talk about how to get Instagram likes by running ads and buying followers for Instagram and likes.

Use Instagram ads:

Instagram has almost over $10 billion in revenue in 2018. Here is how ads can help you to get more Instagram followers and likes just like other companies are getting benefits from this platform.

Photo ads:

You can use photo ads to showcase your products and tell the story of your brand with the help of alluring visuals. For example, Bedding and Bath essentials providing company Parachute Home used the photo ads to promote their bedding and include the call to action as a shop now. They got likes from people of all ages between 18-55 years. Moreover, they got 3.7 times to return with 2 times CTR (click-through rate) on their ads than other platforms.

Video Ads:

buy instagram followersAs we all know the video is the favourite content format for Instagrammers. Videos were posted 4 times more than images on Instagram in the year 2017. You can also do the same to get more likes. A hair care brand OGX targeted millennial women by creating a video campaign that features the women celebrating their different hairstyles and hair textures.

Their campaign reached more than 60% target audience in America. The same in the UK, Canada, Australia, and Germany. Although you can use a 60-second video for a video ad this brand used only 15 seconds video for this campaign.

Carousel ads:

Carousel ads let the users swipe through a number of photos or videos. It is a simple yet creative way to tell the whole story. The call to action button connect your audience directly to your blog. A fitness bikini body guide Kayla did the same thing and published a number of carousel ads for her fitness app. The short fitness videos showed how you could do exercise anywhere using her app.

She targeted females of all ages from 18 to 42 years old women and reached more than 6 million people through this ad. Are you thinking about doing the same after reading this post? Videos are always a good idea to inspire the people around your product and brand as well.

Stories ads:

On Instagram, there are 400 million users who view the stories on a daily basis. The story ads appear between the stories of their following accounts. Stories fizzle out after 24 hours which makes them ideal for using them to promote your limited-time offers and promotions. It is just like the regular Instagram post. Use a call to action that works like a swipe-up feature that takes your followers directly to your blog.

Buy Instagram likes:

Apart from Instagram ads, buying Instagram likes is also a great way to get massive likes on your Instagram posts. Buying Instagram likes is available at an affordable price that benefits you in various ways.