How to wear a bandana in 2019

Bandanas are not a new thing in fashion, to your surprise bandanas are in use since 18th century and people are not getting bore from this style. This is because bandanas are not being styled in a single way. There are many ways through which a bandana can be worn and helps you to look stylish yet funky. To look cool people like to add such kind of accessories to their wardrobe and bandanas are going to be a big part of the wardrobe in 2019. Bandanas can be a helpful companion for you to hide your bad hair day and go stylish all the way this year.

Styling a bandana in different ways is going to be easy for you in 2019 and when you will learn it you will find it a quick and convenient option for you to become stylish. It will take a few minutes of yours and there you go with stylish attire that you can show off to your friends and social circle while in the party or at a casual meet up. There are many retro styles that are back in this year but among them there are a few ways through which you can wear a bandana to look cool this year. Some of them are discussed below.

Styling Bandana in your hair

This is the typical and basic style of wearing a bandana and in this year you will find the styling of bandana in the hair.

  • You can style it by wearing the bandana over your forehead and make it as your hair band.
  • You can style the bandana by rolling it over the messy bun which will instantly give you a cool and stylish look. This will be best hairstyle when you are having a bad hair day.
  • Bandanas are also going to be styled in the form of a simple knot over your forehead making the loops through the edges of bandana. This style can be opted in the open hair, a messy bun, or with a pony tail.
  • Bandanas are going to be styled in the form of a biker cap. Covering the head overall with a bandana is going to give you a chic look.

Styling Bandana around your neck

Styling bandana in the hair was common ever since. But in this year styling bandana around your neck will be going viral in the fashion industry. There are many ways to wear a bandana around your neck. You can either style it in the form of a knot or you can simply make a loop of it. The new style that will be adopted in this year is making the bandana in the choker form. Another style of wearing bandana around the neck is by making it in the form of a triangle choker and wrap it around the neck.

Styling bandana as an accessory

Styling the bandana as an accessory will be seen commonly in 2019. The bandana will be seen wearing around the wrist in a stylish way. This will give you a cool and stylish look.