How Uber is the biggest taxi company that owns no vehicles

Uber is one of the biggest internet companies which works as an interface for booking vehicles for traveling. Due to the rise of internet many businesses are shifting from working fully in the physical world to building up a bridge between the virtual and the physical world. The Uber which works as a platform which allows the users to book rides through their mobile phones. This is the good thing about companies like Uber that they play a role as a medium which explains the reason behind that the biggest traveling company does not own any vehicles.

Being an internet company most of the time allows the company itself to work in the virtual environment and when that company is providing the service then it makes that company to completely reliant on the online world. Users should have the mobile application and connected to internet in order to book a ride. The platform allows users to act like consumers and also for the people to work through the platform.

Users can register themselves as drivers by using their own vehicles to earn money, this is the good thing about the service providing platforms that it allows both options, to use as a consumer or to allow to work. The company itself does not have to buy taxis or vehicles for providing the service, it allows the users to do that so that they can use their product by using this platform to earn money.

In other words Uber can acts like a referral service which just refers the users to book these rides which are closest to their location. The drivers get notified by the Uber mobile application to accept the ride and pick the user from the selected location.

Along with providing the platform Uber also states their policies or rules which makes the drivers and the consumers to enjoy and make use of this platform. The company does not have to indulge itself with the buying of vehicles and their maintenance procedures. The company will just use it a requirement when they are going to register people for being the drivers.

The requirement is that driver should have the license and the vehicle should be on a insurance other than that the vehicle maintenance is on the owner of the vehicle along with the security of the vehicle. The company does not own the vehicle and the driver can anytime log off the from the service or completely leave the service, it is totally up to the driver.

The company just acts like a platform where people can log in to book the rides or to earn money by being a driver. The service also allows the drivers to deliver things like one of the main used service from the Uber platform is the Uber Eat which delvers food from the restaurants to the people. This is another option for the people to earn money by using this platform as a delivery service for the users.