Interesting Facts That You Need To Know About Alaina Marie Mathers

Alaina Marie Mathers previously known as Amanda Marie Scott is an adopted daughter of renowned rapper Eminem. Eminem’s name is not unknown to the world but their daughters’ life is pretty much secretive. Everyone wants to know about the daughters of their most favorite rapper Eminem. Here, we compiled some interesting facts that you need to know about the adopted daughter of Eminem, Alaina Mathers. Read on, we bet you’ll love to discover more about the life of Alaina Mathers.

Early Life:

She was born to Dawn Scott who was the twin sister of Eminem ex-wife Kimberly Anne Scott in 1993. She is a niece of Kim Scott and Eminem. Her father’s identity was unknown and her mother was avid of drug addiction. This became the reason for her adaptation by Kim Scott and Eminem. Later, the couple got a divorce and Eminem received the full custody of his niece. She has two sisters and one twin brother. Hailie Jade Mathers and Whitney Scott are her sisters but they both are not her real sisters. Her twin brother is Adam Scott but he is living with her. She is currently residing at Eminem’s house in Detroit with his father, two sisters and her uncle (Eminem’s brother).

Real name:

A lot of people don’t know that she has two names; one is her birth name while other is her current name changed by her adopted father Eminem. Her birth name was Amanda Marie Scott but now her name is Alaina Marie Mathers after adaptation.

Personal Life:

She spent a troubled life in her childhood as her mother was drug addicted. She couldn’t take care of her due to her medical condition. Later, her aunt Kim Scott adopted her with her then-husband Eminem but the duo got a divorce after a short period of time. Their divorce disturbed her life as she was attached to her adopted mother Kim Scott. But Eminem holds the full custody of Alaina when Kim has encountered some serious legal issues due to drug possession. She adjusted in her life with the passage of time due to her sister Hailie as she has the strong relationship of sisterhood with Hailie.

She is aged 25 and studying in Oakland University, United States. Apparently, her dating history is not known to the world as she is fairly secretive when it comes to her private life, unlike her father. But she was reportedly in a relationship with her boyfriend but there is no confirmation by Alaina about it. She is not married yet and does not have kids.

Alaina’s Net Worth:

Alaina’s net worth is not known as she is studying and she is not engaged in any type of business or job. But her father’s fortune is pretty much handsome and his current estimated net worth is around $ 200 million.


Although, she is a star kid she is living a simple life and avoids to becomes a part of news headlines. We hope you enjoy the less known but interesting facts about the life of Eminem’s adopted daughter Alaina Marie Mathers.