Snapchat Introduces Top Trending Topics in their Latest Update

Snapchat is the social media platform that is highly famous in the young generation. People love to convey their messages in short 10 seconds clips and images to the world. Snapchat is introducing a new update in which it will show the trending topics in the world right now.

The social media platform will use the map in which it will show the top trending topics around the world according to the countries. For example, Canada and England’s top trending topic was the Christmas and for the USA it was a Netflix original film known as the Birdbox. Snapchat uses these top trends and convert them into amazing attractive filters.

For Untied States of America, the overall top trending topics were Birdbox, Last Final, Merry Christmas, New Years Party, Ugly Sweater, Aquaman, White Elephant, My Presents, Hope 2019 is and Feliz Navidad. If the trend is specified to the entertainment then the top trending topics are Birdbox, Aquaman, Fortnite, Marry Poppins Returns, Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse, Fuller House, Super Smash Bros Ultimate and The Mule. When it comes to the celebrities section then the top trending celebrities are Cardi B, Offset, Blueface and Sandra Bullock.

There is also a Slang section in which there are top slangs like the FRIENDSMAS which shows the event when friends get together to celebrate a holiday. The second most trending slang is the IYKYK, it is the acronym for If You Know You Know which is used to acknowledge an inside joke or there is a particular information which only few people know.

When it comes to France the overall top trending topics are Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Miss Universe 2018, Golden Ball 2018, Santa Claus, Christmas Gifts, Feast of St.Nicholas, Foie Gas, Good Holidays and Birdbox.

All these trends help the marketers to use this as an advantage for their marketing campaigns on Instagram and Snapchat. Marketers can use a simple trend like Birdbox and advertise their content according to that trend. It does take creativity for marketing your products or services using these unusual trends which are temporary and are just for selected regions. This also helps the businesses and brands around the world to target their advertisement and marketing campaigns according to the specific country and their followers trends. For marketers it is a good helping guide which the social media platforms like Snapchat provides to the users. This can guide that what trends are being used mostly.

This can help the brands to jump in those trends and market their content creatively without ruining their brands’ message and the trend. It creates a type of a relationship between the businesses and the customers when the brands pulls off the marketing campaigns creatively according to the top trending topics in the world. Trends like Happy New Year and Merry Christmas are the common ones which brands and businesses around the world take advantage of but there are also other topics which are in the top trending so marketers should benefit it from these topics.