What is TikTok black background Mode?

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The millennials app for short videos has “changed” its code, becoming protean. Black TikTok is the result of the development of a framework that has mainly dark colors, based on material design and activated by automation or “on command.”

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What is TikTok’s black background mode, and what is it for?

The dark mode of TikTok is a theme for the app or for the website of the social network, which has color gradations based on a black and grayscale. It serves to reduce visual fatigue in the evening or at night because it avoids subjecting the eyes to the vision of white in dark spaces or in low light. Due to its coloring and the consequent reduction in brightness, the black framework saves the battery, mainly on devices equipped with an OLED screen.

How the dark mode of TikTok works

You can activate the dark theme of TikTok manually, from the app settings, or automatically, from the operating system settings. Let’s see first what the differences between these two modes are.

The dark theme of manual TikTok

Using the options built into the TikTok app, you may enable dark mode at your discretion. This would allow you to leave the black theme active even during the day, for example, or in any case until you decide to disable it.

This option does not affect the activation of the dark mode of the iOS or Android operating system. Therefore it will only be valid within the TikTok app and can be maintained permanently.

The dark theme of automatic TikTok

This is the default setting of the TikTok app, which allows you to enable the dark theme automatically, based on your operating system settings:

  • If you had activated the black mode of iOS or Android, TikTok would “change skin” according to the selected settings, e.g., according to specific time slots, from sunrise to sunset or manually (therefore TikTok with automatic black model and operating system with automatic or manual dark option);
  • If you did not enable the dark mode of the operating system or if your smartphone/tablet did not support it, TikTok will leave the theme with a white background active.

Keep in mind that, by activating the black theme of the OS, dark mode will be enabled for all the apps affected by this change (including web browsers). For example, by doing so, you may also put pen WhatsApp, black Instagram, Messenger black, and so on. It may facilitate your work in a way.

What happens by activating the dark mode of TikTok?

Once activated the dark theme of TikTok, you will notice a partial inversion of the colors: what was previously white becomes black, while the text, characters, and icons will become white.

In this case, the black background will be set in the following screens:

  • Section “Me”;
  • Section “Coming soon,” or “All activities”;
  • “Discover” section, i.e., the one where trends are present;
  • “Comments” section;
  • “Share” section;
  • All screens of settings and sharing or interaction options.

The screens that were already black will remain unchanged, for example, the start screen or the “Home” screen and the “Follow up” and “For you” sections. If you are on Tik Tok and don’t know how to switch to black mode, follow the above steps. And you are wondering how to get more followers, buy TikTok followers to get noticed on this platform.