Why Drive Through Medical Tests Are Becoming Common?

Why Drive Through Medical Tests Are Becoming Common

Willingness to get medical tests on an outpatient basis is becoming increasingly commonplace in the USA. A number of factors are fueling this trend, but probably one of the more important is the desire and ability of patients to receive care while continuing their normal daily activities uninterrupted. Although it can be argued that some patients may not feel comfortable having a medical test in an outpatient setting, most patients are comfortable doing so when the testing facility is part of a hospital.

When discussing outpatient medical tests, one must also consider the value of referring physicians and their limitations. It is not always easy for a doctor to visit his or her patient who needs certain diagnostic tests, especially if they have no obvious symptoms.

This is especially true when the doctor is not in the same part of town as his patient, or if the doctor’s practice consists of working with several different hospitals. The ability to transfer a patient’s care to another physician while still maintaining continuity for both the referring and receiving physicians should be considered by all parties involved in such outpatient testing procedures.

When considering which medical tests can be performed under an out-of-office setting there are three major factors that should be taken into consideration.

1. Patient Comfort Level

Patient Comfort Level

What type of environment does the patient feel most comfortable in is an outpatient facility. It is just like a regular hospital room but without 24-hour nursing staff. A hospital site may be one step better than an outpatient facility, but again no 24-hour nursing staff. Physician’s desires and limitations are where the referring physician should consider whether it would be easier to see his patient for follow-up tests in an outpatient facility or rather schedule the next appointment to cover such subjects as medication changes, etc.
Also, these same tests can be performed at a central location such as a hospital site just outside of one’s area to avoid making many repeat trips among patients’ homes, hospitals, and doctors’ offices.

2. Third-Party Payer Considerations

Third-Party Payer Considerations

Often the insurance company has certain rules governing which medical testing can or cannot take place out of doors, and these vary depending on the type of policy that is held. Here again, it may be necessary for both parties involved to communicate to ensure that all legal requirements are met, including payment of services rendered.

3. The Type of Tests Being Performed

The Type of Medical Tests Being Performed

Certain types of medical tests have a greater risk factor than others. Many times these same studies can be performed while the patient is in a hospital setting without a true “out-of-office” test being considered.

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